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Rethinking the way that Identities are provisioned

QSCIM introduces a new way of onboarding and off-boarding user data across several sources and destinations.

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Empowering Seamless Identity Provisioning and De-provisioning Through SCIM.

Provisioning Nowadays

Identity and Ops teams struggle to determine the best way to create users and grant access to the applications. In addition to the time-consuming costs, potential security breaches can result from poor provisioning and de-provisioning processes.


Provisioning users through the SCIM Protocol will be something that both Business and Technical Users can do. Counting with numerous connectors, from HR apps to the most common SaaS solutions, the QScim is the answer for onboarding and off-boarding users and their identities.

Making any user provisioning easier

The QSCIM is a solution for automating the process of user provisioning and de-provisioning in identity management systems. The QSCIM helps organizations save time and resources that would otherwise be spent on manual identity management tasks, reducing the risk of errors occurring when these tasks are performed manually.

Built on top of a microservices architecture that enables the identities integrations could be made in small pieces and composed by their specific connectors (LDAP, Active Directory, SAP, Oracle, CA/Broadcom, IBM, Salesforce, etc.) and deployed in a container fashion in Kubernetes or similar runtimes.

Regardless of your deployment option, SCIM is designed to be highly scalable and fault-tolerant, ensuring that your identity management processes are always available and performing at their best.

Main HR Connectors


Making any user provisioning easier

Projects Cost Savings

According to our internal projects, the number of hours for customizing or implementing the integrations is possible to estimate to save 65% of the budget. This number can be even better due to the complexity and allowed reusability.

Delivery Time Acceleration

Reusing existing integrations through our connectors can let you finish a task that, without QScim would take weeks. However, using our MindMaps integration flows, the same task can last simply hours.

Support Cost vs Code Maintenance

Manual integrations take time and cost money to build, and also to maintain, with QScim, based on our subscription model, this cost is dramatically reduced, eliminating the required workforce for changing, fixing, improving and extending those via technical programming languages. 

It’s time you regained control over your Identity Provisioning

With its powerful integration capabilities and robust security features and measures, QSCIM can help you centralize your identity management processes, improve access control, and ensure consistent identity management across all your systems and applications, ensuring that your identity management processes are secure and compliant.

QScim enables both business and technical users to thrive the best way for implement a common concept in the industry know as Lightweight Identity Governance or simply Light IGA. In the end of the day, your organization will be able to execute our provisioning execution microservices in any kind of environment, either Cloud or On-Premises.

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Empowering Seamless Identity Provisioning and De-provisioning Through SCIM

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