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QriarLabs empowers organizations to achieve full integration and enhanced security 

Welcome to the new way to optimize
integration and security

Introducing the QriarLabs Product Portfolio

QSCIM is a groundbreaking SCIM gateway that introduces a new way of provisioning and de-provisioning user and identity data across multiple sources and destinations.

QriarLabs API Platform (QAP) introduces new perspectives and critical features for organizations managing their APIs

QID offers a consolidated and unified platform to manage distributed identities/SSI and verifiable credentials.

Helping organizations eliminate lock-in for identity and integration

At QriarLabs, we are revolutionizing the way organizations manage identity and access, empowering them with cutting-edge technologies that enhance security, streamline operations, and elevate the user experience for organizations worldwide

Eliminating Gaps and Solutions Lock-In

Discover how our innovative solutions transform the identity and security sector, as well as integration and APIs

Streamlined Identity Services

Provisioning and governance. They provide the foundational innovation essential for the rapidly growing market.

Rethinking APIs and Integration Initiatives

Be ready to discover new ways to expose, manage, and deploy APIs and have the power and control of your integrations.

Our Investor and a little about our history

2Future Holding is a Future Capital firm that connects people, ideas, and transformative businesses. 2Future evolved from a single-family office into a holding company with perpetual capital and a presence in the USA, Brazil,  Europe, and the Middle East.

Their diverse investment portfolio includes technology, lifestyle, health, and well-being, and it is dedicated to fostering sustainable growth, driving industry-leading innovations, and creating a positive impact on people and the planet.

2Future believes that the future is not just something we anticipate; it’s something we shape with our partners and affiliates.

2020 – Products Inception

We created an integration platform and cutting edge API solution designed to help businesses achieve optimal performance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

2021 – Company Creation

Emerging as a spin-off from Skalena, Nasph LTDA was founded to manage product offerings exclusively. During this phase, we secured our first client: Embrapa – the Brazilian Government’s Agricultural Research Agency.

2022 – Acquisition by 2Future

Nasph LTDA was acquired by 2Future, a distinguished holding entity with diversified investments across the USA, Brazil, Europe, and the Middle East. Following the acquisition, Nasph LTDA was rebranded as QriarLabs.

2023 – QriarLabs Operations Begin

By early 2023, we started our new operations focusing on four products: 

  • QAP – Multi-API Gateway and Multi-IDP solution – It’s time to unleash the full potential of your APIs without limitations.
  • QSCIM – Empowering Seamless Identity Provisioning and De-provisioning Through SCIM
  • QID – An SSI/DID/VC platform – Digital identities managed and decentralized on a blockchain network​.