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Self-Sovereign ID
Verifiable Credentials

Welcome to the new way to create, manage, and trust identities; the QID offers accelerators and a complete middleware to empower your Distributed ID, SSI, and Verifiable Credentials solution.

Unlock the potential of Distributed Identity and Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) with our comprehensive middleware platform.

Simplified Integrations
Our middleware is the backbone for your Distributed ID and SSI applications, offering easy integration with existing systems and a smooth pathway for deploying Verifiable Credentials.

Accelerated Deployment
Speed up your launch with our pre-built accelerators. Tailored for various industries, they ensure your solution is market-ready faster than ever.

Enhanced Security
With an emphasis on privacy and security, our platform leverages the latest cryptographic protocols to safeguard identities and credentials, ensuring providers’ and users’ peace of mind.

User-Centric Design
Place the power of identity back in the hands of users. Our solution supports the SSI model, enabling individuals to own, control, and present their credentials across platforms without intermediaries.

Integrated with our QSCIM

QSCIM offers a connector to integrate with QID, using the as the initial SSI/VC Middleware.

Would you like to understand how SSI/DID and Verifiable Credentials can help your organizations?