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Rethinking the way that identities are provisioned

Introducing QSCIM, our groundbreaking system for cross-identity management (SCIM) gateway that revolutionizes identity governance life cycles and introduces a new way of onboarding and off-boarding user data across multiple sources and destinations.

Empowering seamless identity provisioning and de-provisioning through SCIM

Fast and Frictionless Provisioning
QSCIM acts as an intermediary between identity and access management (IAM) services, such as Okta and IBM, and applications like Salesforce or Sailpoint. Using SCIM as a base universal language, QSCIM sets users up with a pre-built, customizable framework that allows for seamless communication between IAM services and applications, saving time and reducing any chances of errors.

Eliminate Vendor Lock-In
Without QSCIM, if you have a custom application integrated with a specific IAM service and decide to change vendors, you will have to completely rebuild your application and endpoints to fit with the new service. QSCIM eliminates this process by providing a universally understood framework, making your application and endpoints entirely transferrable between IAM services.

Robust support and varied features
We provide robust support for various resources such as business rules engines, interceptors, and cloud-native deployment.

Seamless SCIM integration made with our visual low-code/no-code configuration approach

QSCIM goes beyond traditional SCIM gateways by seamlessly integrating with powerful business rules engines and interceptors, all with an easy-to-use, low-code/no-code interface. Leverage the intelligence of business rules to automate complex identity management processes, while interceptors provide a customizable layer for modifying or enhancing data during provisioning and synchronization. With QSCIM, you can define rules, policies, and workflows effortlessly, ensuring efficient and consistent identity management practices aligned with your organization’s unique requirements.

Interactive Demo

Try our interactive QSCIM quick demo here:

QSIM USE-CASES / industry solutions

Employee IT On-Boarding

The QSCIM Employee IT Onboarding Solution imports workers or customers from any human capital management (HCM) application, applicant tracking system, workforce management system, contractor management system, or customer relationship management system (CRM) into your directory, including Active Directory, Azure AD, Ping Identity, IBM, Okta, Forgerock, Keycloak and many more.
QSCIM can manage all joiner, mover, and leaver events to enable HR-driven, real-time, automated onboarding and offboarding of employees or customers to and from your IT directories and applications. When an employee joins an organization and is created in your HCM application or other user source application, they are automatically provisioned to the various directories and applications appropriate for their role. Likewise, when people leave, their access is automatically revoked from their applications. Changes to user attributes are also synced across the IT landscape. Early onboarding to IT is possible by syncing pre-boarded employees from applicant tracking systems.

SCIM protocol as the standard for provisioning and de-provisioning identities

SCIM is designed to make provisioning and deprovisioning entities easier, faster, and cheaper. By adopting the SCIM protocol as the standard, we ensure that our customers are getting the best possible experience for the lowest amount of effort and cost.

Automated User Provisioning and De-Provisioning

By automating user provisioning and de-provisioning, the SCIM standard helps organizations save time and resources that would otherwise be spent on manual identity management tasks. It also reduces the risk of errors occurring when these tasks are performed manually. We promote this by allowing users to map their existing data model, whatever it is, to the standardized SCIM JSON schema attributes and fields.

Interoperability and Seamless Identity Management with SCIM

Finally, the SCIM standard enables interoperability between identity management systems, allowing organizations to seamlessly integrate and manage user identities across different platforms and applications. This can help improve collaboration and productivity within organizations and facilitate the secure sharing of information between different organizations.

Stop getting stuck on your provisioning and
de-provisioning tasks today with QSCIM

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